The scope of production

We specialize in high quality printing of flexible packages applied to a broad range of products.

We use rotogravure and flexographic printing techniques.

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maszyna drukarska Merkur
Maszyna MERKUR
maszyna drukarska Merkur
Maszyna MERKUR

The rotogravure prints are made on a MERCUR 2570 deep engraving machine of Windmöller & Hölscher.
The printing cylinders are manufactured by way of a laser method (Druckservice Goerz) or engraved (Wetzel, Janoschka Polska).

The flexographic prints are made on Soma Flex MINI printing machine.

We use paper, paper with polyethylene, paper with aluminium and polyethylene as well as various kinds of films, mainly the OPP and PET, as the main printing material in both techniques. In the case of UV flexo prints, we also use the PE. The materials are supplied by the best known companies on the market.
The inks we use both for rotogravure and flexographic printing are manufactured by reputed companies as well.

  1. MERKUR 2570 Printing Machine
    • 8-colour print by solvent inks
    • printing width max 1000mm
    • highly precise fit - Eltromat dgc 650 system
    • fit monitoring - Eltromat WEB VIDEO SMART system
    • additional FIFA monitoring
    • electrostatic suport of print – Enulec system
    • the Eltex system of removing electrostatic charges
    • initial tapering of material by IR rays
    • cylinder perimeter 480 - 820 mm

  2. SOMA Flex MINI 80-8 UV Gearless
    • 8-colour print by UV inks
    • printing web width 300 - 800 mm
    • printing repeat length 300 - 600 mm
    • the machine allows for precise printing on all kinds of films
    • material width 12 um<

  3. NORDMECCHANICA SIMPLEX laminating machine
    • lamination width max 1000 mm
    • materials for lamination: PE, CPP, OPP, paper and other

  4. JURMET 1000 / 1300 slitter
    • roll width max 1300 mm
    • materials: OPP, PP and PE films, laminates with PE, paper, paper/ALU/PE of 15g/m2 - 150g/m2

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